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UCI Toolkit – Childrens’ Cycling Education

The Bikeability Trust has partnered with the UCI (worldwide governing body for cycling) on the production of a toolkit that provides practical advice and knowledge for National Cycling Federations around the world seeking to develop their own child cycle training programme.

The toolkit is derived from the UK Bikeability model, and contains practical guidance on creating a programme; alongside advice on creating a rationale and business case for a child cycle training programme.

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Other reference materials, as listed in the main document:

Project plan
A Template Project Plan covering the major tasks needed to set up a national cycling education programme (including central administration, quality assurance, funding, instructor training etc.)
Project Plan Tasks

Economic case
The case for government investment: costs (both fixed [set-up] and ongoing), supplied in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that can be adapted to suit local numbers. The evaluation is an example of an economic case, based on research evidence
Economic Evaluation
Sample Funding calculations

References to academic research and other evidence:
Narrative Report
Research summary

A template presentation pack with key messages for potential funders (i.e. governments) to initiate a discussion

Branding guidance
Guidance on branding (although the Bikeability brand is not a necessary part and Federations/Governments are, of course, free to choose their own branding)
A5 logo guidelines
Logo guidelines

National Standard
A template National Standard (the foundation for the cycling education programme)

Delivery guidance
Bikeability and Bikeability Plus Delivery Guides, Instructor Training manual and guidance on inclusive delivery of Bikeability. These documents may be useful at later stages of the project, but will certainly need adapting.
Bikeability Plus Delivery Guide
Bikeability Delivery Guide
Inclusive Delivery Guide
Instructor Training Manual

Case study
Detailed business case documents from New Zealand, who consulted with the Bikeability Trust in England, and are in the process of implementing a broader programme of cycling education
Briefing paper for regions
Cycle Education Business Case
Education System factsheet